Why This Double Amputee Is Totally Amazing

The second Tatsiana put on her running blades, she felt like she could fly.

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When word of our Cover Runner Contest went out over social media, we were inundated with more than 5,000 entries and nominations. Thank you to everyone for sharing your love of running and inspiring us in countless ways. It was not easy selecting eight finalists, but we think you’ll agree they prove there is no shortage of incredible women in our sport. Read on to learn about one of our amazing finalists. From Belarus, Tatsiana is a congenital double amputee (due to the Chernobyl nuclear accident) with a passion for running.

Graduate student
Kansas City, MO

“Cherish every mile, because there is someone who can’t run at all, no matter how much they try!”

How has running changed your life?

I’ve always been an amputee and never knew what it’s like to run until four years ago. When I put on those running blades, I was running so fast—I felt like I was flying! Running gave me confidence, because I couldn’t hide my blades under pants. It made me realize that I am stronger and unstoppable.

What is it like to run on blades?

I love being an amputee runner and showing abled-bodied runners what I am capable of doing—but also I love showing disabled-bodied athletes that it’s possible to run with one or more prostheses. I am not the fastest, I am not the slowest—I am just a proud runner!

Your ultimate run?

To run with no pain! Haha! My running journey isn’t easy at all, but I wouldn’t change anything.

What’s your speed philosophy?

Don’t get upset if your time isn’t as fast as others. Remember, a 5K in 19 minutes and a 5K in 30 minutes are both a 5K.

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