The Things That Happen To Your Body On A Run

Ever wondered what is really going on with your body when you're pounding the pavement?


Have you ever wondered what happens to your body on a run—us too! So we set out to discover what is really going on in there as you pound the pavement.

Check out theses 9 amazing facts and figures:

3 vs. 0.4 liters

This is the amount of air inhaled and exhaled with each breath during a workout versus at rest.


The average person’s heart beats this many times a day—but that number is usually smaller for runners, thanks to a lower resting HR.

3 billion+

If you live into your 70s and beyond, your heart will beat roughly this many times over your lifetime.

30 to 50%…

…of runners experience intestinal problems related to exercise.

100 calories

You burn roughly this amount per mile—whether you are going at a 6-minute or 12-minute pace!

3 or 4 times your weight equals…

…the shock your feet absorb when you run.

1,700 steps

On average, the number of steps you’ll take per mile when running a 10-minute mile.

2 hours

The amount of time when exercising that your body can be powered by its glucose stores.

The Achilles…

…is the strongest and thickest tendon in the body and connects these muscles…1. gastrocnemius (calf), 2. soleus and 3. plantaris…to the heel bone.

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