The Craziest Things Real Runners Have Done To Round Off A Run

You can't end .1 short, right?!

We’ve all been there—you’re .1 short of your “full run,” and you just need to round it off to an even mile beep on your watch. So we asked real runners what the craziest, funniest, most random thing is they do to make that watch beep. Here’s what they said…

“I just ran past a construction crew three times back and forth like a crazy girl to get that 7.0. They watched me like ping pong match.” —Marissa

“Ended up running more, because I’m [obsessive] and when my watch hit 5.01 I just had to make it 5.5.” —Sandra

Ran past my house to the next mailbox and turned back, but that still wasn’t a even 5 miles, so I turned back and did it again. My husband saw and asked what I was doing.” —Christie 

“Ran round our paddock to get the extra mileage. It was like a swamp at the time and full of potholes. The ducks and chickens all thought I was chasing them!!” —Lou

“Ran laps around my driveway while my toddler chased me on her tricycle to get the last 0.1 today. The neighbors must have thought I lost my mind!” —Esther 

“Run, stop, check watch, run again, stop, check watch, run again.” —Pat

 “I forced to run at the basketball court while the guys are playing basketball.” —Sharon

“As many loops of the car park, or back-and-forths on the trail, as it takes. Need to hear the Garmin beep!” —Anna

“Run zig zag down the last stretch of road instead of running straight.” —Laura

“Leave it on while I walk through the house.” —Jeaneen

“Catch more Pokemon!” —Liesy