On marathon weekend, Boston turns on the charm.

Boston has one of the best running cultures on the planet. A walk through downtown on the eve of the marathon is all the evidence you need. Every shop, street corner and sidewalk is emblazoned with good luck messages and supportive cheer. The city estimates that more than 1 million spectators will be out on the course tomorrow! Good luck to all the runners and we hope you soak in all these positive vibes.

First of all, the signage is on point.
Tiny symbols of love and strength abound.
The entire city of Boston is excited!
The city literally paints the street for runners. This year, they added a blue line all the way from Hopkinton!
Outside of the fire station, runners can rest their weary legs.
The crowd support is like no other.
Even non-running stores like TJ's get in on the action!
Spring comes just in time for blue and yellow flowers (planted all over the city) to bloom.