These Folks Are Our Running Inspiration

We couldn't do it without these cheerleaders in our life.

Despite what others may think, running is not a solo sport. We could never cover our miles or reach any finish line without those who support us. Often times it is our biggest cheerleaders who help us lace our shoes and run every day. So we asked our staff: who inspires you to get out the door everyday?


My husband, Jim, is my biggest inspiration. He’s all about cycling all of the time, but whether I’m going for a ride or a run, he helps me keep the focus on enjoying it—even the suffering!
— Nicki Miller, managing editor


My boyfriend, Ryan. He’s worked extremely hard to get where he’s at in his life, and he plays a mean game of soccer after the longest of workdays. If he can do it all and still find time for his favorite pastime, I can definitely up my run game and celebrate a victory, every single day.
– Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor


My grandfather Jim: He’s always been a very busy businessman but never misses playing tennis twice a week and taking his daily 2-mile walks on the beach. If he can find the time, so can I.
— Gia Hawkins, advertising production manager


My beautiful wife, Lauren, and our two wonderful children, Taylor and Riley, drive me to do my best and remind me of what ’s truly important in life—love, health and happiness.
— Johnny Yeip, director, seo/analytics