The Strangest Things Seen While Trail Running

Because there are way weirder occurrences on the trails than the roads.


Our staff loves to hit the trails for a great soft surface run. But often times, so do some real weirdos.

A man running with three dogs attached to his waist, all of them swaying in different directions. Keep in mind—this was a narrow singletrack area on a crowded Saturday morning.
— Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

A found-object, aka trash, sculpture. It’s about 5 miles from the trailhead on a 10-mile loop. I love seeing what’s been added since my last visit!
— Allison Pattillo, gear editior

I was once running on an oceanside trail and unknowingly wandered onto a nudist beach! I turned around pretty quickly before catching a glimpse of anyone.
— Kristan Dietz, freelance web editor

Naked backpackers.
— Erin Ream, director, partnership marketing

I actually saw a guy running barefoot once! That was pretty strange considering the rocky terrain!
— Liz Centeno-Vera, manager, partnership marketing

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