The Pet Peeves Of A Runner

What are your pet peeves? Danielle shares a few things that irk every runner.


Runners are a special group, and let’s be honest – you don’t really understand runners unless you are one. Whether it’s misguided advice from well meaning friends and family or poorly matched socks, there’s plenty of daily irritations that irk even the most mild mannered runner! Here are a few of mine:

  1. When people tell me running is bad for my knees: I appreciate a little genuine concern, but REALLY? Running is bad for my knees? You’re the first person to ever tell me that! Thank you for sharing! Note: my knees are pretty much the only part of my body that never, ever hurts.
  2. When races use plastic cups: Maybe I’m the only one who is totally incapable of getting any water in my mouth even when I’m using a paper cup, but plastic is even worse. I might as well just pour the water directly onto my face.
  3. When I can’t correctly match my socks from the dryer and they have unequal amounts of cushioning: I’ve been running for 6 years and I still haven’t figured out a sock organization system to make sure each pair matches correctly. All my socks are the same brand and color, just varying shades of dingy white, so it’s impossible to match them properly. It irks my inner neat freak tremendously.
  4. When my husband eats the leftovers I had been saving for my post-long run lunch. On more than one occasion, the sole thing getting me through a 20 mile training run is the promise of the delicious leftovers from last night’s dinner awaiting me in the fridge. World War 3 has nearly erupted on more than one occasion when I’ve come home to find that my husband, not knowing their life and training sustaining properties, has eaten them.
  5. When people ask me if I won the race. This actually no longer bothers me, but it really used to! Although I used to feel embarrassed when I had to tell the person that no, I had not won the race and yes, they give a medal to everyone. But now I just smile and lie. “Yes, of COURSE I won the race!” They’re so impressed every time and I get to feel like Meb for a minute.
  6. “You don’t LOOK like a runner.Well, you don’t look like a person with a death wish, but you just said that to me, sooo…
  7. When my Garmin can’t find satellites. My Garmin has the unique ability to only struggle with finding satellites when I really am not in the mood to hit the pavement. I force myself out the door anyway, only to find that my watch will not cooperate. Now I have to force myself to stay outside and wait, rather than throwing in the towel. I call it mental endurance training.
  8. When I ask my family for race registrations as gifts and they think I’m kidding. I’ve been running marathons (and asking for race registrations) for over 5 years now. I have never once received one. Maybe one day!

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