The One Issue With Mark Zuckerberg’s Year Of Running

And a few great things about his new goal.

Photo: Mark Zuckerberg

It’s a leap year so he should be running 366 miles!

But really, Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge run 365 miles in 2016 is admirable—even if his running form could use a little work. These are the reasons why we love that he is making 2016 the Year of Running.

It is an attainable goal. 365 miles is a reasonable resolution that is easy to stick to. One mile per day—for beginners and veteran runners alike, this is a very achievable. Even if one mile is not possible on Day 1, the fitness gained over the course of the year means  runners will be at higher mileage by December.

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It is a subtle way to encourage physical fitness. Zuckerberg creates yearly goals to better himself while also keeping the users of Facebook in mind. By setting the example, he encourages those around the world to follow in his footsteps and become healthier.

It gives people a forum to speak about running. Just like he did with his Year of Books initiative, Zuckerberg created a public Year of Running group on Facebook, inviting users to “discuss our running adventures.” Already people are posting inspirational pictures, sharing advice and encouraging each other. The sense of community fosters accountability and helps runners, including Zuckerberg, stick to their goals.

It creates a habit. It is likely that when the year is through, Zuckerberg, along with other participants, won’t put away their running shoes for good. The Year of Running will probably end up making many runners for life.

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