The Lamest Excuses We Make For Skipping Runs

And how to snap out of it.


We’ve all done it—rattled off a million and one reasons why we slept through that workout or stayed at the office too late to make our evening run group. Sometimes it’s okay, and other times it’s just plain laziness. Here are our top excuses for skipping a run and how to never do it again:

1. I stayed out too late to run in the morning. Okay, so maybe you have a little bit of a hangover and a stomach ache from those midnight fries. Morning runs might not pan out, so why not change it to an evening jaunt with a running buddy? Hydrate throughout the day, eat your breakfast and lunch, and cut yourself some slack for getting out at 6 p.m. instead of 6 a.m. Six miles is 6 miles, amiright?

2. I have too much work to do. Mmm…no you don’t. Truth is, work will always be there, and there will always be something else to do other than lace up. Set a timer on your phone, and when it buzzes at you, it’s time to shut down and head out the door. If you really have that much work, a run through the streets will be a great mental break from spreadsheets and conference calls if you have to return to your cube after you’re done.

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3. It’s the holidays, and my family’s in town and doesn’t run. So? They won’t hate you if you sneak out for a quick 30 around the block. Fact: Seeing my running routines has inspired some relatives to start working out themselves. So your actions are actually changing lives, not insulting them. (Besides, we all need a break from the relatives. #truestory)

4. Another day off won’t hurt. You’re right—it won’t hurt. But it does start a slippery slope of half-assed reasons to “just do it tomorrow.” Let’s be real: This is a lazy excuse for putting it off. I have 100% been there, not knowing how or where to start up again after a long break from running. My advice? Give it two weeks and know it will all come rushing back after that.

5. I just don’t feel like going. Ha! This probably means you should go more than any other excuse. You’re angry, you had a bad day, you feel gross because you’re on your period, you’re tired, etc. etc. These are all reasons you should get out and go for a run. Even if it’s most difficult to just walk out and physically start running, I promise you won’t regret it after a few strides. Remember that!