The Kumu App Is Your 24/7 Fitness Coach

The Los Angeles-based fitness app brings affordable coaching to every athlete's phone.

Photo: Courtesy of Kumu
Photo: Courtesy of Kumu

Technology has allowed for major strides in the fitness industry. From watches that keep tabs on your heart rate, to programs that track your routes and mileage, to the ability to get in a great guided workout anywhere, the resources at our fingertips are endless.

Most online training programs that exist currently involve pre-recorded videos and workout routines. The need for personal trainers hasn’t disappeared, especially for those who need accountability and constant modifications to their program. The problem with personal training, however, is that many can’t afford the high fees, especially at gyms where they are already paying for a membership.

Enter Kumu. Hawaiian for ‘teacher,’ this wellness program, available on your phone or desktop, connects you with a personal coach that you can access at any time to help you reach your goals.

Following a free 1-week trial, the fee is $19.95 per month, which includes a monthly video call at no extra charge. The good news is messaging with your coach is unlimited, so you have access to them multiple times a day if needed.

There are currently about 150 coaches. Once you sign up and provide information, the Kumu team works to match you internally with the coach that best suits your personality and needs.

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“With a personal trainer, a lot of times you may only see them once a week or once every other week, and you just have your hour-long session,” explains Jodi Geigle, Director of Coaching at Kumu. “With your Kumu coach, it is an ongoing, daily conversation. Whatever goals—mini or big—that you have, you work with your coach daily, or even multiple times a day, so you can set very small, manageable goals.”

Kumu encompasses all wellness, from goal setting, to exercise, to nutrition and more. Coaches are screened by Geigle personally, not only from their resume and experience, but also via Skype and other social mediums to make sure that they are going to communicate well with clients and provide the best service possible.

“We have a very client-centric approach to coaching, and they really are all about whatever the client wants to work on,” continues Geigle. “Our methodology incorporates motivational interviewing, which really helps the client focus on their current lifestyle and where they can start making small changes to their habits. Our end goal is to help clients create an overall lifestyle change which can be very different from an assigned meal plan or fitness plan.”

If you have yet to try it out, you can sign up for your free week of coaching at

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