The Easiest Way To Tell If You’re Dehydrated

We might have to ask you a personal question to find out.


Okay, this sorts with a sort of personal question—what color is your pee?

Not at all. In fact, you are likely over-hydrated. In the worst cases, this condition can be deadly. If you are experiencing lethargy, confusion or nausea, get yourself to a doctor stat.

Pale Yellow To Light Caramel
You’re well hydrated—good as golden. (Sorry…pee joke.)

Dark Yellow To Light Brown
Dehydration alert. It’s time to sip some fluids and relax. If you have a fever or notice abdominal pain or an acute headache, seek medical attention.

Did you eat beets within the last 48 hours? If not, head to the ER.

Prevent Dehydration by Getting Your Fluid Game on Point
Here’s how: First, weigh yourself naked before a run. Don’t drink anything on the run, and when you get back, strip down again and step on the scale.

Subtract the second number from the first. One pound equals 16 oz. of water, so for every pound you lost, you should have consumed that much liquid en route. And you will! Next time.

Example: Say you weigh 150 lbs pre-run and 148.2 lbs post-run
150 – 148.2 = 1.8
1.8 x 16 = 28.8 oz.