The Coolest Things To Do With Old Running Socks

Your single sock does not have to go to waste.

Whether you have a lone survivor or your favorite pair gets a hole in the toe, here are a few ideas to up-cycle those socks into runner-friendly accessories.

smartphone strap

Smartphone Strap
Cut a long sock at the ankle and discard the foot. Turn the tube portion inside out and insert your arm so the hem of the sock is in the center of your bicep. Fold from the bottom to meet the top and put your phone into the fold.


Fingerless Glove
Carefully cut the tips off  a pair of toe socks and voila!—gloves perfect for layering under heavier mitts.

arm warmers

Arm Warmers
Snip off  the foot of your favorite compression knee-highs and you’re good to go.

water bottle

Water Bottle Holder
Cut off  the foot of a tube sock then stuff  the bottle into the hole. Fold the top down from the neck of the bottle. Place your hand in the space between the fabric layers and you’re ready to run!