The Best Gift You Could Give Any Runner

We asked our readers what they would give their best running buds.


We have been sharing a lot of holiday gift lists filled with items that we think would be great for any runner. But now it’s your turn to share. We wanted to know what you would get for the best running buddy in your life. Turns out not everything you want to give can be purchased. We also found out runners are not disappointed to get socks in their stockings.

We asked our readers:
If you could give any gift to the runners in your life, what would it be?

Here’s what they had to say…

…on Facebook:

Smrutti Singh: Biggest gift would be time to go running. Practically anything from foam roller to running watch.<

Marissa Drahonovsky: Gift card to get new shoes.. Yes they are pricey but mandatory and your runner will loooove you.

Seugnette Luckhoff: Energy and passion to never stop running.

Laura Lolli Johnson: My gift would be a free pass to charity races!

Rose Rafferty: Safety gear. A light or reflective vest to make them visible.

Barbara Layman: Effortless endurance.

Ruth Thompson: Race Dots Arranger. I despise putting safety pins into my shirts & jackets & vest. Those pricey items deserve respect.

Kath Cheadle: Vodka. Always appreciate a vodka and tonic on an evening when I have the next day “off”

Debbie Ward: No injuries. Ever!

Deidre Schmit: Registration fees!!

Rachael Lovelock: Socks!!! The amount of socks I go through is madness.

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on Twitter:

@nycrunningmama: More than any physical gift, I’d want them to have a strong, healthy, happy year of running!

@runsintutus: I would give a race registration to that “bucket list” race. We all have one of those. Mine is the Lisbon @RunRocknRoll

@sheril72: Paying for a race entry, socks, clothes, or Epsom salt

@KellyMarie1246: Cushy socks are a great winter gift for a runner!

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