The Marathon In Israel You Need To Check Out

You need to check out the largest sporting event in Israel.

The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is not a small affair—in fact, the race, which offers six race distances and one handcycle event, hosts 40,000(!) runners every year. And if you’ve ever been to Tel Aviv (or read about the bustling city), you know it’s one of the places to visit in Israel.

The winner

This year’s winner broke the tape in 2 hours, 12 minutes, 12 seconds—dang! The race is the biggest sporting event in Israel, from the large number of runners to the 150,000 that line the streets to cheer. (Just remember that it’s measured in kilometers, not miles—42K, anyone?)

The race

The race included six urban routes: the marathon (42.195 km), the half marathon (21 km), a 10K Race, a 5K Race, a hand cycle race for athletes with disabilities and two mini-marathon courses (500 meters and 1K) for children. And if you don’t believe people travel near and far to experience the event, check this: 1,500 runners came from outside Israel to enjoy the stunning route that wound its way through the beating heart of the city. Starting at the Tel Aviv Convention Center in northern Tel Aviv, the race ran through the city’s most celebrated neighborhoods, including Sarona Market, Rabin Square and 10K along the white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. WOW!

If you need more convincing, there are 21 DJs along the course, a nod to the city’s great night life. Need we say more?