One Woman’s TED Talk Stomps The Status Quo Regarding Body Image

My ego feared the worst—I'd be the biggest, I'd be the slowest, I'd be left behind.

Louise Green, a sought-after trainer, speaker and writer, disturbs the status quo regarding body image and the distorted “ideal” body type that still clutters the minds of so many women. Her upcoming book, Limitless, challenges society to ponder a more inclusive fitness and body-size idealism. In a recent TED talk, Green addresses her own experience of discovering that “bigger bodies could be athletic bodies.”

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“Until this point, I didn’t know that bigger bodies could also be athletic bodies,” she recalls prior to training for a 5K. “It had never occurred to me, because it had never been shown to me.”

Listen to her full TED Talk, where she talks about running pioneers like Kathrine Switzer and the power we all own to “change the message through social media.” She also touches on how fitness magazines are already following the shift in body image ideals, listing Sports Illustrated and our own August cover as examples. The message she really drives home? How these positive shifts still need to reach our youth—young girls pursuing healthy lifestyles—so that “they can grow up believing in themselves no matter their size.”