Tammy C. – Mineral Wells, WV

Why did you start running?

I started training seriously in January of 2011 when I told myself I would be healthy before my 50th birthday (June 2012). My husband suggested I do a 5k, and I thought he was crazy, but I agreed. I set a goal to run the entire race. Amazingly, I not only did that, but finished 17 out of 218 people—the other 16 were half my age! I’ve ended my 50-year war with my body as a “skinny fat” person. I feel like a warrior now.

What makes you go run?

My goal is to be a role model for my sons, nieces and nephews. When I run, I think of friends, family and coworkers who cant run—some as a result of illness, others because they haven’t yet embraced the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

Fun fact. . .

I am currently studying for my ISSA personal trainer certification and plan to complete the program by next January. I live in West Virginia and work in Ohio. There are many lovely places to run, but my states are considered two of the unhealthiest in the United States. I want to make it my mission to inspire others to leave unhealthy habits behind.