T-Rex Runner: Surprise, it’s Spring!

While the north may be cold, it's heating up down south! Here's how to get used to spring.


While summer might seem far away for those of you who live up north, down here in the south things are heating up quickly! I spent the week in southeastern Georgia for work, and temperatures during the day hit the mid-80s! That’s quite the shock given that my long run last weekend took place in 30-degree weather. My body definitely didn’t appreciate the rapid increase. Dramatic swings in temperature are common during this time of year, and it can be hard to acclimate to warmer temperatures when they aren’t consistent. For me it’s hard to acclimate to warmer temperatures even if they are consistent, but I digress.

With spring (and summer) right around the corner, I have to remind myself constantly not to get discouraged when I feel totally incapable during an unexpectedly warm run. It’s a tough mental game, and I really try not to beat myself up, but it can be hard. To let my body get used to the warmer weather at this time of year without affecting my training too much, I try to do the following:

  1. Look at the weather forecast for the week and rearrange my runs so that my shortest and easiest runs fall on the warmest days.
  2. Drink extra water the day of a warm run, and stop for water more frequently during the run itself.
  3. Pack a variety of clothes in my gym bag. The weather is unpredictable, so I am always prepared with shorts, tights, tanks, and long sleeves! You just never know this time of year.
  4. Take walk breaks when needed to cool off.
  5. Don’t schedule anything immediately after a run! My face is bright red after runs on these early warm days. I need a substantial amount of time to cool off, so I save myself the embarrassment and just don’t schedule anything for about an hour after I run.

After a rough winter for so many, I think we’re all looking forward to spring! With the right preparation, my running routine is too.