T-Rex Runner: Running When You’re On the Road

You can fit in runs when you travel. Here are 4 tips to make it happen.


Whether I’m traveling for my job, a race, or just for fun, it sometimes seems like I’m out of town more often than I’m home. I love to travel, but it can be hard to stick to a training schedule or get your runs in when you’re in an unfamiliar place. I’m no friend of the treadmill (I haven’t run on one since 2010), so I make it a point to find a safe place to get my miles in when I’m on the road. Here are my top tips for locating a great route!

  1. Use online resources: Websites, such as Ramblen, specifically list and review running routes and other health and fitness resources available in different cities across the United States and even the world. On Ramblen, for example, you can find running and cycling routes, group fitness classes, and even places to eat a healthy meal or shop for new gear!
  2. Contact the local running store: Most running stores host at least a weekly group run. Even if the closest one doesn’t (or it isn’t at a convenient time), the staff will definitely be able to tell you a safe place to run.
  3. Ask the concierge: Although not all hotel staff is likely to know a great place to run, it’s worth asking. You never know who you might be talking to (and how many marathons they may have run)!
  4. Check for local races: Running In the USA is a huge database full of local races of all different distances. If a race isn’t going on while you’re in town, that’s ok! At the very least, you may be able to pull up a course map that will give you a good feel for the town and the number of miles you’re looking for!

If you use these tips, hopefully you won’t end up like I did a few years ago – running actual laps around my hotel parking lot because I refused to get on the treadmill and didn’t know where else to go! Hey, I never said that was reasonable.