T-Rex Runner: A Runner’s Holiday Wish List

Forget running gear. Danielle's wishlist includes things that money can't quickly located satellites.


At this point in my running career, I’ve amassed pretty much all the gear I could possibly need and plenty of running-related trinkets. There are a lot of things that money can’t buy that I’d like for Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/other holidays. So without further ado, here is my holiday wish list:

  1. Better pacing skills: I am the actual worst at sticking to the prescribed pace for a training run on any given day. Intervals are supposed to be done at 8:06 pace? Eh, 7:42 is close enough, right?
  2. Or, a personal pacer: If I can’t have #1, I will take a personal pacer to run all my training runs with me and make sure I hit the correct paces. Anyone interested?
  3. Self-restraint when it comes to injury: I’m not the best at making the smart choice not to run when I feel pain. I tend to adopt an “Oh, one more run won’t hurt” attitude, but news flash, self, it always hurts. Sigh.
  4. Located satellites: Oh for heaven’s sake, Garmin, just find the stupid things already.
  5. Pockets in all my running shorts and tights: Who are these companies making running bottoms without a pocket for your key, and why am I still buying them without checking first? Ugh.
  6. A running rain jacket that doesn’t cause the greenhouse effect to happen inside it while I am wearing it: Self-explanatory.
  7. One good race picture: To qualify as a good race picture, I must not look like I’ve gained 30 pounds during the race AND it must look like I’m actually running. The two never happen together.
  8. Miles and memories with friends: Priceless, and they make for more appropriate party stories than anything I did in college.

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