5 Things Some Runners Do That I Just Can’t Believe

What works for some runners doesn't work for others. Here are a few things our Marathon Maniac can't believe other runners can do.


I’m battling a nasty sinus infection this week. The old running wisdom that says it is fine to run if you’re sick from the neck up (i.e. head cold, sinus infection, etc.) but should stay home if the illness is from the neck down (i.e. bronchitis) has popped into my head. As much as I’d theoretically like to lace up my sneakers and hit the road, I’m way too weak to do much besides get out of bed. It got me thinking about some things runners do that I personally cannot even fathom, like the following:

  1. Running when you’re sick: I can barely move, and you’re doing 10 miles? What? How are you not dying? Am I just inherently weak or are you some type of superhuman? Does anyone actually follow that “neck up vs. neck down” advice, or is everyone just out there running no matter what? And seriously, where do you get your IVs done, because I want whatever you’re getting.
  2. Genuinely enjoying a 5 a.m. wake up call: I know that a lot of people only have time to run in the morning. Personally I wake up early most mornings of the week to get a workout in. I totally understand needing to do it, but my goodness, enjoying it? Am I the only person who literally counts down the minutes left before I have to be up and out of bed with running shoes on and starts panicking when I realize how few there are left? I love you, morning people, but I don’t have to like you right now.
  3. Having a “favorite” flavor of Gu: My stomach doesn’t tolerate gels anymore, but when it did, I used to have a favorite flavor of Gu: chocolate. When non-runners would inquire what it tasted like and whether or not it was disgusting, I would say “Oh, it tastes just like chocolate frosting!” I was obviously delusional. My lord, what lies we tell ourselves to get that fuel in! Now that I don’t eat it anymore and have weaned myself off the gel Kool-Aid, I can finally admit that no, they don’t taste like chocolate frosting. Not even close. But hey, whatever works.
  4. Not chafing in runderwear: I am just aghast whenever I see people wearing really short shorts or runderwear and running long distances. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Seeing bare thighs separated by no material gives me actual physical anxiety. I want to run up to everyone and hand them a pair of compression shorts.
  5. Running through water stops and actually getting water in your mouth: If my hypothetical qualification for Boston should ever hinge on whether or not I can run through water stops and drink water at the same time, I will never qualify for Boston. I can barely drink water while walking, let along running. I know, I know, pinch the top of the cup and then create a little funnel with which to pour water into your mouth. Great idea in theory, but I’m not even coordinated to do that. Coordinated runners of the world, I applaud you.

We all have our little idiosyncrasies about the times, places, and ways we like to run. What can you not imagine doing as it pertains to running? Tweet @thetrexrunner and @WomensRunning to let us know!