Survey Shows How Many Runners Want To Chug Beer After A Race

From cravings, to drinks, to all the feelings—the masses have spoken on our most popular responses to post-race glory.

Once you cross the finish line, let the post-race celebration begin. After running miles and miles, reaching the finish line is a sweet victory, whether you’re a 5K runner or ultra marathoner.

To some, a nice cold beer is the best way to celebrate, while others treat their feet to a nice pedicure. Whatever your post-race preference is, you’re not alone. Eventbrite surveyed more than 1,900 people who attended an endurance race in the last year to find out exactly how they like to celebrate once they crossed the finish line.

According to you runners, here’s the state of the union on post-race partays:



This is how we feel after running a race…




This is how we chug, chug, chug in celebration after a race…



This is how we nosh, nosh, nosh after a gutsy effort (Think: bacon!)…