Study Finds Marathoning Wreaks Havoc On Your Kidneys

A study out of Yale found that an alarmingly high number of runners have kidney function similar to ICU patients after a marathon.

A new study just found that running a marathon is as traumatic for your kidneys as heart surgery. Yikes.

According to a piece on Lifehacker, the study comes out of Yale University and was recently published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. The results found that 80 percent of runners who finished a marathon have kidney function that is comparable to people who just had heart surgery or are in the ICU.

How did they find this out? The study involved collecting blood and urine samples in order to do the testing and found high levels of creatine and inflammatory proteins. These same things can be found in patients who suffer from acute kidney damage.

The good news, however, is that the researchers specifically stated that runners aren’t likely to have long-term damage (unless an underlying condition is involved), but it does mean that you definitely need to take a few days to recover and let your body get back to normal.