Stretching Studios Could Be The Next Fitness Fad

These studios are starting to pop up all over the country and though they don't replace traditional workouts, we're taking notice.


Stretching is no longer just something to do before and after a workout. At least according to The New York Times, which this week shared a story of new stretching studios popping up around the country.

These studios are created to help with range of motion, joint pain and more, but there is one problem. The Times reports that because these sessions at studios are meant to supplement workouts, it could be a challenge for them to compete in the fitness studio industry.

Hakika V. DuBose, who owns Power Stretch Studios, says the method there is “part massage, part chiropractic, part dancer’s warm-up” and is customized the the client, all done in a one-on-one session with a coach. Could this be the new physical therapy?

The Times also shares that the target audience for this new trend is those who sit all day at work and those who skip their pre- and post-workout stretch due to commutes or other obligations.

One client said of Power Stretch Studios, “This is a very relaxing way to spend 60 minutes,” Mr. Frankel said. “I could go to a national gym, but this is a small business providing craftsmanship.”

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