There Are So Many Runmojis Now, And It’s Amazing!

The running emoji land just got a whole lot better—and yes, that's a beer.

Fleet Feet Sports just upped keyboards in runners’ pockets everywhere. The running store chain just launched an expressive messaging keyboard featuring 28 realistic and humorous emojis developed for the running community. Enter runmoji, available for free at the app store for Apple.

Featuring an assortment of people, places, and things specific to the culture of running, the app includes male and female runners running with a dog, a stroller, other runners, beer, wine (red and white) and alone. And yes, the female runners even have their hair up in ponytails. (Take that, new runner girl emoji!)

“As runners ourselves and as a brand heavily engrained in the fabric of running communities across the country, we know how iconic and specific the sights, milestones, and feelings runners encounter are,” says Ellen Donahue, director of marketing for Fleet Feet Sports. “We saw a void in something that accurately represented those day-to-day experiences, and decided if we wanted something fun, meaningful, and truly representative of runners, we had the opportunity to create just that.”

In addition to the runmojis, other designs include a finish line, a race bib, a shoebox with new running shoes, a port-o-potty, bloody nipples and a black toenail. Aka, this thing is your runner-Instagrammer-avid texter starter kit. (Did we mention there’s a bloody nipple one?)

Don’t believe the awesomeness? Here’s a peek at some of the emojis available to the avid runner.