She Beat Cancer And Celebrated With A 470-Mile Run

Her miles helped raise money to a cause dear to her heat.


When our Cover Runner Contest went out over social media, we were inundated with more than 5,000 entries and nominations. Thank you to everyone for sharing your love of running and inspiring us in countless ways. It was not easy selecting eight finalists, but we think you’ll agree they prove there is no shortage of incredible women in our sport. Read on to learn about one of our amazing finalists. Davina is a wife, mother, ultrarunner, philanthropist and cancer survivor who celebrated by running 470 miles across four states last summer to raise more than $23,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Stay-at-home mom with two daughters
Medway, MA

“Life is going to throw curveballs. You can be knocked down by them and never get back up, or you can rise above. If a goal scares you to death, then you’ve set the bar properly.”

How has running changed your life?
I don’t just run for myself. I run to inspire others and encourage excitement for a cause. It brings more meaning to my goals rather than just running for a PR.

What did you learn from fighting breast cancer?
My advice to other women is please get your mammograms, stay on top of your health and know your risk. If that difficult day comes when you are told you have breast cancer (the reality for one in eight women), realize that you do not have to struggle alone. The breast cancer survivor community is very supportive.

Your ultimate run?
I love getting to a state-line sign and realizing that I crossed the entire state one foot strike after the other. My ideal run takes me from one place in my life to another. I will not stop until the ability is taken from me.

Favorite running gear?
Injinji toe socks and Trail Toes Anti-Friction Cream save my feet from excruciating blisters.

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