Share the Beat

I’m hopeful that many of you out there are not like me. I’m hopeful that you’re
musically well-versed and can recommend some upbeat new songs for my iPod
playlist. And those of you who are like me – who recycle the same songs over
and over and over and over, until you grow to resent the beats you once loved –
perhaps our fellow Women’s Running readers can rescue us from our rhythmic rut!

I’m a fan of any beat-thumping, heart-pumping song that will drive me to pick up
the pace, add another set of reps or dig deep to climb that final hill. And I
like variety – rock, hip-hop, pop, country – you name it. A few of my favorites
– but songs which have spent far too many months on my playlist:

I Like
the Way (You Move)
– Bodyrockers

You’re Going Through Hell
– Rodney Atkins

Some Sugar on Me
– Def Leppard

I beg of you more musically inclined gals, please share your passion. Post your song
suggestions in the comments section below and help open the ears of your less
informed running sisters to a new experience. Thank you!