Nike Women’s New Campaign Is A Cinematic Dream

English recording artist FKA Twigs took 12 athletes and created a stunning visual piece that asks, "Do you believe in more?"

This morning Nike released their NikeWomen Zonal Strength Tights campaign and it is a cinematic dream. So who is the mastermind behind it? None other than FKA Twigs.

You may know the English recording artist as Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, but she also has dancer, cover girl, fashion muse and now Nike Creative Director on her resume.

“When Nike first came to me with this project, I saw it as an opportunity to let young people know they have the power to become the best versions of themselves,” Twigs said of the project on “I put together a cast of 12 incredible athletes to show that it’s about what you do in fitness gear. It’s about how you train. It’s about how those things help your movement.”

For a deeper look at the process of creating the campaign from Twigs, visit her post on here.