Sara Hall’s London Marathon Fitbit Data Is Wild!

Ever wonder what the steps look like for a pro marathoner? Here's your answer!

sara hall
Photo: Mark Shearman, Athletics Images

Sara Hall ran a personal best—2 hours, 30 minutes, 6 seconds—at the London Marathon, finishing 12th overall. And the data collected from her Fitbit Surge shows just how wild that pace was:

She ran a total of 26.01 miles apparently, meaning she must be the tangent queen!

Her average pace was 5:46—multiply that by 26, and you have one speedy lady. 

Her fastest mile: 5:27

The most impressive? Her heart rate remained at an average of 180!

If you’ve ever wondered how many steps in a marathon, Hall clocked just under 29,000 (28,914 to be exact!)

She burned 1,482 calories! To compare, that’s around 4 double-patty hamburgers’ worth of cals!

sara hall