They have graced our covers and are amazing mothers too! Find out how they keep running.

These running moms have moonlighted as cover models for WR.

Samantha Harris, July 2013 Cover
The TV hostess was on our top-selling cover of 2013—perhaps due to her killer abs! The mother of two is well versed in the art of balancing running and taking care of two daughters.

“The biggest difference about running after having my girls is the extra gear, since my runs now required pushing a stroller!” explains Harris. “I didn’t love not moving my arms since they were on the handlebars, yet at the same time I appreciated the extra calorie burn from the stroller’s weight!”

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Harris, who still runs regularly, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2014. After undergoing treatment and coming out cancer-free, she launched Gotta Make Lemonade with her husband, a nonprofit dedicated to making lemonade out of lemons and living a fulfilling life with the ones you love.

Harris’s Tip: Combine workout time with playtime. “Whether it was a jog with the stroller or chasing them around the yard in a game of tag, I accomplished a little of the best of both goals.” 

Tia Mowry, May 2014 Cover
Nearly three years after giving birth to her first child, Cree, running mama Mowry graced our cover—just in time for Mother’s Day! The actress, who ran before and after becoming a mom, says running post-baby takes a lot more effort than before.

“After running after your child all day, you really have to make an effort and prioritize your exercise in order to actually accomplish it,” she explains. “It’s more rewarding however because of the payoff . When I’m done with a good run now, it feels so much better.” Mowry encourages other runner moms to remember that good feeling and “never feel guilty about giving back to yourself.”

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Mowry’s Tip: Schedule workouts before the week begins, like other appointments. “When they are scheduled, on paper, you are more likely to stick to your plans and actually accomplish them.” 

Lindsey Hein, September 2014 Cover
Our Cover Model Contest winner came to our cover shoot in San Diego 12 weeks pregnant with her second son. She now lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Glenn, and her sons, Marshall and Louis. Hein says, “Pregnancy and having kids have definitely changed my outlook on running. I’ve always enjoyed and loved running, but taking care of little people all day sweetens it for me a little more.”

After her first child, Lindsey says she ran her fastest times, and after baby number two, she plans to build back up slowly without any speed for two months. “As each year goes by, I understand more and more the importance of safely building mileage and doing everything in my control to prevent injury and stay healthy.”

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Hein’s Tip: Prioritize and decide what’s important to you—like running! “Sometimes you have to drop something to make something else fit.”