Running The Numbers: Exercise And Fueling During The Holidays

Our Team WR reader responses show exercise and fueling statistics for runners during the holiday season.


Holidays and chilly temperatures could wreak havoc on running, but not for Women’s Running readers! We’ve collected the numbers on our readers’ favorite exercising and fueling traditions for this special time of year.

Some families use recipes that have been passed down for generations–why alter what’s proven to be delicious?

Meanwhile, one out of five people do tend to choose low-fat ingredients when given the option…

…which is the same percentage of people that offer vegetarian or gluten-free foods to their guests.

This bodes well for your longer runs this season!

Working out is a great stress reliever–but it can take time away from visiting with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is the most popular day for holiday-themed races.

This explains the fitness craze that starts every year right after January 1!

There’s a reason some runners call it the “dreadmill.”

Even so, many will opt out of running outdoors when weather conditions pose injury risks.

The actual outside temperature means little without taking the windchill factor into account.


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