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15 Thoughts Of A Pregnant Runner From 4 To 40 Weeks

One runner penned a timeline of exactly what pregnant runners go through week-by-week when juggling impending motherhood with the sport.

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run while pregnant

4 Weeks:

Wasn’t I supposed to start my period? Maybe I should take a pregnancy test…

6 Weeks:

Well, I’m pregnant. But I feel awesome! I don’t even have morning sickness. Since I am already pretty fit, I’m totally going to be the fittest pregnant woman ever. Nothing is going to slow me down.

8 Weeks:

OMG. I heard the heartbeat at the doctor’s office. Should I stop running? I think my pace is getting slower. I’m not even showing, though. Am I hydrating enough? Is the baby okay? This must all be in my head.

9 Weeks:

Ugh…morning sickness. Or rather, feeling very hungover. All. Day. Long. Running feels like torture. I am definitely getting slower. Already.

11 Weeks:

I am so tired—and still so nauseous. Managed to slog through 3 miles today but it felt like I ran a marathon. I’m going to take a nap.

14 Weeks:

Hello, second trimester! I can’t button my pants, but thank goodness for stretchy workout gear! But wait, no more nausea? And I don’t feel as tired anymore? I’m totally running 8 miles today.

16 Weeks:

Running is awesome! Except now I need to pee every mile. Wait, who am I kidding? It’s more like every half mile.

20 Weeks:

Halfway mark! Totally rocking two sports bras, though. I never thought my boobs would be this big.

24 Weeks:

I feel HUGE. Everywhere. But still feeling good. I just can’t run up a hill without feeling winded.

28 Weeks:

I’m seven freakin’ months pregnant. Hello, third trimester. I think running may need to stop soon. It’s becoming more of a shuffle. I can forget about trying to pull up my pants, even though they are made of spandex; my belly is totally hanging out.

30 Weeks:

I’m definitely going to stop running soon. It’s now a waddle. People walk faster than I run these days.

32 Weeks:

Putting my running shoes away. I can’t see them when I look straight down, anyway, as my belly is too big. I’m resuming my prenatal yoga and swimming. No regrets.

34 Weeks:

Ok, now I’m really HUGE. But I kind of miss running….

36 Weeks:

I’m nine months pregnant. The baby could come anytime. I’m glad I’m not running anymore. How would I find the time, anyway? Too many other things to do before the baby arrives.

40 weeks:

Baby still isn’t here. I’m bored out of my mind. Should I clean the house? Maybe repack my hospital bag? Do more laundry? Sign up for my first postpartum race? I’m going to be the fittest mom ever.

About the Author: Rachel Spurrier, founder of Go & Glow, is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist. A seven-time marathoner and Boston Marathon qualifier, she also a mom to a two-year-old and currently pregnant with her second child. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.