Running Camps: The Perfect “Run-cations”

Coach Hillary Kigar advises experienced runners and those new to the sport to refresh their training by giving running camps a try.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–including suggestions for those looking to spice up their normal running routines.

Camp Isn’t Just For Kids

Looking to treat the runner in your life to something special? Consider an adult running camp! There are camps all around the U.S. in different styles and formats. Some take place in a retreat format over a weekend somewhere in the mountains; others may be over a week span and incorporate other outdoor activities like kayaking, mountain biking or hiking. Often, camps include lodging, meals and planned-out days filled with various running activities, small-group lecture sessions and social time to enjoy with other campers. Companies like REI sponsor outdoor women’s camps while other professional female runners host their own more intimate camps available for smaller groups. No matter your preference, camp can be a great way to get away and have a “run-cation” as you recharge in a beautiful place.


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