6 Things That Prove Runners Totally Started The ‘Athleisure’ Trend

Here's proof that runners are the original inventors of athleisure.


A few years ago, the term athleisure didn’t even exist, let alone the mass trend that’s taken over wardrobes everywhere (in case you’ve been living under a rock, athleisure is the trend in which workout clothes are designed to be worn during both exercise and in casual settings).  But these days it seems like people practically live in their sportswear, from running errands in the morning to out to dinner at night.

The trend is everywhere, and even though big name designers are constantly jumping on the bandwagon with new gym-to-street lines, and certain celebrities are known as athleisure trendsetters, we runners know that we were the original term pioneers.

Here’s the proof:

  1. Every brand seems to boast about their leggings that can go from the gym to the office to errands, but hello, how do you think runners sneak in a workout before brunch or after work? Our black leggings have been pulling double duty forever.
  2. Couture sneakers are all the rage in the athleisure world, with bright, trendy colors and ornately designed details. But no one puts more thought into the perfect sneaker than a runner and we’ve been rocking the coolest kicks for years.
  3. Any athleisure addict has at least one pair of mesh-paneled leggings to up their cool factor. But runners have long known that the true cool factor comes from the mesh’s ability to cool you off during a workout.
  4. Crop tops top the list of trendy athleisure pieces, but warm-weather runners have been working the sports bra look forever, and we’ve got the weird tan lines to prove it.
  5. The most fashion-forward athleisure wearers may know how to layer an open-back hoodie over a super-strappy sports bra, but any runner who’s ever worked out in temperamental spring weather mastered the art of layering workout gear long ago.
  6. Sure, there are some fashionable young celebs and models at the forefront of the athleisure movement, but running has had its own stars a lot longer. From the fashion-forward looks of elites like Maggie Vessey to the countless everyday athletes who put together awesome workout ensembles on a daily basis, runners are the original style stars- who just so happen to log serious miles while they’re at it.

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