Two Runners Holding Hands Get Scooped At Finish Line

She ran through that tape like a champ!

A great teammate story turns mildly heartbreaking when the two-almost winners of the Run Barbados 10K hold hands across the line—only to be edged out by a third right at the tape.

According to a video posted on Canadian Running, two of Canada’s Olympians, Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant, were sprinting toward a winning 10K tie finish, when they grabbed hands to cross together. However, a third runner, Tonya Nero, saw her opportunity and sprinted right past the duo, breaking the tape less than a second ahead of the Canadians. The video posted to Facebook has received more than 11 million views and scored a spot on ESPN’s Around The Horn segment. Sound familiar, kind of?

The two hand-holding runners had the plan the entire time to cross with interlocked fingers regardless of place. Well, mission accomplished, we supposed! See the video below: