This Runner’s Bucket List Is All Of Us

While out training, one runner decided she wanted to chase down her running dreams. Here is her current list of 20 experiences to have.

woman running

In a “seize the day” moment that hit me (no surprise) in the middle of a run some time ago, I started to put together a list of places, races and distances that I want to check off, and over time I have been making my way through them.

However, what I have come to realize is that a bucket list doesn’t need to be limited to big, flashy, milestone moments; it can also include the everyday extras, all of which combine to broaden your running experiences, refresh your outlook on running, expose you to awe-inspiring scenery, and push you to take on new challenges. It is a mix of accessible ideas that you can do today and bigger bucket list goals that may take planning, saving, training and even a bit of luck to check off. The ultimate goal is to keep life—and running—interesting and always moving forward.

And so, here it goes:

  1. Trail run in a National Park
  2. Ocean run on the sand
  3. Complete a Marathon Major race (or, what the heck, ALL of them)
  4. Serve as a race-day volunteer
  5. Three generations of runners do one race
  6. Sunrise run (oh, if only it weren’t so early!)
  7. Conquer each distance: 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon
  8. Run for charity
  9. Run with someone completing her first race
  10. Participate in a long distance, overnight relay
  11. Race festively (race-themed attire or tutu and tiara all count)
  12. Run Central Park
  13. Run the Golden Gate Bridge
  14. Run Big Sky country
  15. Attend a runners’ retreat
  16. Join a running group
  17. Complete a trail race
  18. Volunteer to support a kids’ running group or after-school fitness program
  19. Train with a four-legged, furry running companion


  1. Never stop chasing the next dream or challenge.

This is and always will be a living, breathing, and evolving list, as it should be. Suggestions welcome!

Elizabeth Ewens juggles life as an attorney, author, wife, mom and runner, and proudly finished her first NYC Marathon in 2015 and is training for her next goal: the 2016 Chicago Marathon. You can read more about her journey at or follow her on twitter @elizabeth_ewens.

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