Why Runners Make The Absolute Best Confidants

There is just something special about the bond formed while logging miles and dripping sweat that absolutely sets it apart.

There is something about running buddies that you just don’t find in any other friends in your life. Of course your best friends know you in a way that others can’t and you show them parts of yourself that you won’t show others, but there is just something special about the bond formed while logging miles and dripping sweat that truly sets it apart.

When it comes to the friends in your life, here’s why being surrounded by runners means that you have found some of the best confidantes out there.

They can go the distance.

Have a problem that will take an hour to explain? Runners get it and can put in the time to listen. They also understand that not every problem can be solved overnight and will give you some great long-term advice (because runners know how to think weeks and months out) to help you get where you want to be.

They’ve seen it all.

“It all” may have even happened to them. Runners can handle any gory detail you tell them because, well, they’ve experienced some of the grossest things out there (yes, we are talking about dealing with runner’s trots when you are located nowhere near a bathroom). You can admit to a runner something that you did that others will think is downright disgusting because at some point, nothing surprises or grosses out a runner anymore.

They can keep a secret.

Why? Because usually they are so preoccupied telling other people about their running that they won’t even have time to let any of your secrets accidentally spill out.

They make the best cheerleaders.

Runners understand what hard work is and definitely understand what it is like to feel a low in life. If you have something to confide they get that you may need a little perspective, but you also may need to look for the good in a situation. Any runner who has been injured can tell you that it can be hard to find the good, but turning it around and looking at it as time to rest and spend on the other parts of running you often neglect help you refocus. They can use that way of thinking for any problem you may be having.

They will let you be upset…for just long enough.

Runners have taper tantrums and know they owe you for the time spent complaining that they aren’t doing enough as a race nears. Need to confide in a runner about how upset you are about something? They’ve been there with tapering and injuries and missing a PR…and know that sometimes you need to just be upset. They will let you for as long as is good for you and will be ready to help boost you up shortly after.