Runner Unable To Do NYC Marathon Due To Cancer Ran Her Own 26.2 Miles

After having a double mastectomy scheduled weeks from her marathon, one runner just created her own race.


Melanie Gruenwald had her sights set on the NYC Marathon, rapidly approaching in a few weeks. She was raising funds for Sharsheret, a nonprofit organization that supports breast cancer research. Since she was such a rockstar, raising more $5,000 for the cause, she earned a coveted spot into the five-borough race.

However, her ability to physically race on Nov. 1 was cut off when she got a diagnosis of her own: breast cancer, which she had surgery for today. Despite battling cancer herself, Gruenwald has since raised an additional $7,000, according to 7News Denver. She’s just shy of $15,000, making her a top fundraiser for the group headed to NYC.

What’s more? On Sunday, Gruenwald brought the Big Apple to her backyard in Denver, mapping out her own 26.2-mile journey to complete before her double mastectomy. Friends and family came out to cheer her on, and she wrote a message to her supporters (shared on 7News Denver), where she thanked “the runners, who took on the miles and chatted and carried me from one segment to the next, who ran more than you thought you could, who helped me find the right path, who shared very important running tips, who made this about strength and determination, friendship and fortitude.”