Runner Shaming

As runners we sometimes develop habits that we aren't proud of. Check out our confessions!

You might have heard about the latest craze on the web – Dog Shaming. If you haven’t already checked out the site and are a dog lover, beware – it’s addictive! In a similar shameful fashion, as runners we sometimes develop habits that we aren’t proud of. Take a look at our attempt to come clean and bare our souls in the Women’s Running edition of Runner Shaming. . .

I’ll be the first one to come clean. My Runner Shame involves a sensitive G.I. system. Sometimes nature calls. . .

Erin is an undercover Belieber!

Guilty as charged! Sarah speeds up for cute boys! Do you blame her?

Even my dog has Runner Shame. Ryder doesn’t discriminate when it comes to a protein source.

Brianna runs in her underwear! If they’re a dark colored fabric, who can tell the difference? 😉

Too busy to run to the store to stock up on nutrition? Teresa’s guilty pleasure is using Honey Stinger Gel as a substitute for honey!

Beware – if you meet Jacqueline from, she’s checking you out on Athlinks immediately!

Want a showdown? Catch Ginger out on a run and she’s sure to be showing her speedy side!

Erin’s so guilty she had to confess twice! Watch your windows – if they’re open, she’s peeking!

He can’t help it. Sam must let you know that he owns the house. How dare you RUN in front of his window?!?!

Last, but not least. . .Women’s Running Editor-In-Chief, @JessieSebor confesses to her Runner Shame. Barely sweaty = good enough to save for round 2!

We’ve confessed our sins, now it’s your turn! Send us your Runner Shame pics and you might be featured our! Simply tweet them to @KaraDeschenes or email to by the end of the day Friday, 9/7, to be considered. We’ll compile our favorites for a reader showcase next week!