Runner Draws Picture Routes with her Nike+ App

Runner Claire Wyckoff uses her Nike+ app to draw some fun and some NSFW images.

space invader

Most of us use our Nike+ app for the usual reasons. We track our time, mileage, and pace of our runs. We look back at past runs to track our progress. But one runner saw the potential to do something great. Claire Wyckoff started to draw pictures using her Nike+ app when she runs.

Claire, who is training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, has drawn a variety of shapes, which she chronicles on her Tumblr “Running Drawing“. Recently she has drawn an alien from the classic video game Space Invaders, Slimer from Ghostbusters, a middle finger, and a head of a Mennonite woman. But her real love and specialty lies in running in the shape of…phallic images.

Claire started her drawings when she noticed a run once resembled a hedgehog. This led her to start running in various shapes, including many runs in the shape of male genitalia. Future plans might involve Star Wars characters and, of course, more phallic images.

Claire’s drawings are hysterical, clever, and most of all, another way to make running fun. We can’t wait to keep track of what she’ll run next.

Keep track of Claire’s drawings at Follow her on Twitter (@clairewyckoff) and Instagram (@clairewyck)