4 Runner Costumes Perfect For Halloween Races

If you’ve got a Halloween race on the docket, gain inspiration from this costume-happy run-blogger’s hot looks and pro tips.



This “Beauty and the Beast” character is often overlooked, even at RunDisney races. I already had a yellow tank, skirt and socks, so to round out the outfit, I made candlesticks to carry and a flame for my hat. Hot glue and the dollar store are your best friends when creating costumes.

Santa & Elf


When a local race offers a “Santa’s Little Helper” wave and allows dogs to run, you make an elf costume! I even went as far as to wrap my shoes with KT Tape and added bells on the ends of my elf toes.

Rosie the Riveter


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon falls on the weekend of Halloween, so it is a great time to dress up. Rosie the Riveter was a costume I had been wanting to rock for a while but wasn’t sure about wearing a piece of foam board attached to me. Thankfully I was running the race for fun with the hubby and didn’t have to worry about my time.



Sometimes a costume is all about the accessories. I made my Thor hammer out of flower foam, duct tape and a paint stirrer. Remember, when you need to carry something for 13.1 miles, it must be light and easy to hold. A friend of mine even made capes for my socks. No detail is too small!

Pro Tips

One does NOT need an actual costume to dress up! I try to do my best to use pieces that I already have. Unless the race is super short, I want to do my darnedest to make sure I can actually run in the gear—sure, I may not be going for a PR, but I don’t want to get to the finish line with major chafing from fake limbs or bruises from a box that’s hitting me in the knees.

When you see plain-colored running tops, stock up. I normally grab a bunch when the seasons change and stores are getting rid of stock. Target, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are my go-to places. When you use inexpensive items for a base of a costume, you don’t mind “ruining” them with hot glue.

Accessories can make a costume—but make sure whatever you carry adheres to the event’s guidelines. You don’t want to show up with a really snazzy sword only to find out you have to throw it away before the race begins!