If You’re A Runner In Chicago For The Series…

Make sure do have fun taking advantage of the Chicago spirit around Wrigley—and throughout the city.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the excitement around Wrigley Field as much as we have from afar! Here are some fun things you have to do to celebrate the Cubs playing game five of the World Series (and even afterward), straight from a die-hard fan:

Get a Chicago dog

What better way to load up before tomorrow’s run than on the classic, which includes all the basic necessities: yellow mustard, onions, neon relish, pickle and peppers)

If dogs aren’t your thing, go for the slice of deep dish

Enough said.

Chase it all down with some liquid carbs

Of course, in the form of Old Style beer. Fun fact: The original can be found at Wrigley!

For tomorrow’s run…

Head downtown by the Art Institute and snap a photo of the lions all wearing the Cubs caps


race around the Wrigleyville neighborhood and get a photo by the marquee for the series

And just for fun…

count the number of W flags you run by hanging from businesses, apartments and basically everywhere.