Come Run With Bobbi Gibb In Boston With Us!

April 19 marks the 50th anniversary—to the day—of Bobbi Gibb's historical Boston Marathon, the first time a woman ran the race.

bobbi gibb

Thousands of runners will be hobbling around Copley Square in Boston on Tuesday morning following the Boston Marathon. And that Tuesday may be a more notable date than Marathon Monday itself; April 19 marks the 50th anniversary of Bobbi Gibb, our May cover runner, becoming the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon. Here’s an excerpt from her full story in our Mother’s Day May issue, on newsstands April 12:

I was living in San Diego so took the bus to Boston, four days and three nights, and got there the day before the race. I hadn’t shared any of my plans with my parents, so when I told them, they thought I had gone nuts. My father was really angry. He thought I would hurt myself or possibly die. But I said to my mom: “This is really going to change things for women.” For the first time in her life, instead of trying to get me to conform to these horrible norms, she was on my side. She drove me to the start. 

When I got to the start line, I knew the most important thing was that I not be stopped. I was afraid I might be arrested or dragged off the course. I had a blue hooded sweatshirt pulled up over my head with my hair tied back. I was wearing my brother’s Bermuda shorts and a black bathing suit, which is what I used for underwear before there were jog bras.

To commemorate such an important day in runner and sport history, Women’s Running and apparel company Tracksmith have teamed up for a morning-after shakeout run with the famous Bobbi Gibb. RSVP to come, run and celebrate this important day on April 19 at 11 a.m. on Boylston Street!