Run To The Polls Strava-Style On Nov. 6

Strava’s “Run to Vote” initiative encourages eligible voters to run to the polls on November 6.

Don’t Forget To Vote On November 6!

Let’s face it: There’s little zest for voting in the United States unless the election in question is to determine a singing or talent competition winner. According to Pew Research Center, less than 56 percent of eligible American voters cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election—and that was relatively high compared to most election years. Midterm elections notoriously attract an even smaller percentage of the voting public. That’s why Strava has announced “Run to Vote,” a campaign geared toward encouraging voters to run their way to the polls on November 6.

This Strava challenge is part of an ongoing effort to expand Strava Metro, which examines user data to provide city planners with updated information on the popularity of common pedestrian and bike routes. Strava has also partnered with Protect Our Winters to raise awareness for the challenge and for the climate issues in which Protect Our Winters’ athletes are engaging. Professional runners Clare Gallagher, Stephanie Violett and Anton Krupicka are among the Protect Our Winters representatives who will be showcasing their trips to the polls on Election Day.

“Building community and motivating athletes are at the core of what we do best, and this is a great opportunity to do both,” Strava Chief Product Officer Stephanie Hannon said in an official statement. “I worked on the 2016 presidential campaign, and the biggest challenge wasn’t convincing people how to vote, it was just getting them to the polls in the first place. We think it’s important for athletes to seize their right to affect change in their communities—and if they get there in a way that’s good for their health and their environment, that’s even better.”

Those interested in participating can join the challenge by logging into their Strava account or by following this link. Each participant must log their route by running to their registered polling place (this isn’t a task for treadmill runners) on November 6 in order to earn the finisher’s badge that will appear in their profile once they’ve completed the challenge.

To learn more about Strava’s Run to Vote campaign, follow this link. Strava is also hosting a Ride to Vote campaign for cyclists.