Run Safety Tips For National Traffic Awareness Month

Protect yourself against hazards of the road while you're running with these tips.

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Did you know August is National Traffic Awareness Month? We tend to focus on pedestrian safety as daylight decreases, but it should be a year-round concern. While you can’t control other drivers, you can take the best steps to keep yourself safe while running. Have these tips in mind the next time you run on the road.

1. Run against traffic. Keep to the side of the road. If you come to a bend or turn in the road, position yourself so that you are visible to an oncoming vehicle.

2. Make yourself visible, especially at night. Bright colors work well during the day. There are tons of reflective gear and light options that work well for night runs.

3. Be aware of your surroundings, and take extra care at intersections, driveway crossings and when running by parked cars. If you can, cross busy roads at lights or designated intersections.

4. Always remember that while you can see cars, cars can’t always see you, even during the day. Don’t rely on drivers. Always control your own run.