Run the Numbers: Racing Weight

What do our readers feel about weighty issues? We asked and you answered!

We asked and you weighed in—about weighing in. 50% of our readers started running to lose weight.

39% of our readers weight themselves everyday.

9 out of 10 of our readers prefer to weigh themselves in the morning.

21% never get on the scale and an additional 9% only do so at the doctor’s office.

It’s about the way you feel while running, not a number on the scale!

Whatever your running focus, make sure you are happy and healthy on the starting line!

4 out of 5 Women’s Running readers agree that how strong, fit, and healthy they feel is more important than a number on a scale.

2.5 pounds- the weight of a typical running outfit. (Shoes, socks, capris, sports bra, t-shirt.)

BMI is not for everyone- 63% know their body mass index and 37% are too busy running to be bothered!

A 140 pound woman, running at 10 minute mile pace, burns 140 calories during a 3 mile run.