Rock My Run

Have you ever heard an amazing song on the radio and instantly it makes you want to move your groove thing? As runners, those are the kinds of songs we tag to our mental list of tunes T.B.D. (to be downloaded, of course) for running motivation later.

Do you load playlists for each type of workout?

The good news: we’re about to help you kick it up notch and add music mixes to your iPod or mp3 player. Rock My Run is a jamming service we recently found, where anyone can download D.J. mixed playlists specifically created for running. Mixes vary in cost between 1-3 “credits” and download instantly.  As a registered user, you will be awarded 1 credit for free each month and can purchase additional credits for a nominal fee. Check out this mix called, “Grrl Power” that only costs 1 credit (A.K.A. FREE)!

Grrl Power by DJ Riggz

Another fav, here at Women’s Running, is “Bringing Sexy Back” because we believe running makes us strong women! The only downside with this mix is it costs 2 credits, which can be purchased for $5.99. Not too bad for 60 minutes worth of jams to pump through your headphones!

Strong is the new sexy!

Check out Rock My Run here. With all of the different types of mixes we’re curious- what types of playlists do you load for the different types of workout you do?