5 Reasons To Run The Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K

Nat Runs Far shares her top 5 reasons why runners should consider racing the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K.

Much of the country is in a deep winter freeze, and while there’s nothing like catching a snowflake on your tongue or slipping on a pair of skis, warm weather is a welcome sight in February.

Living in Southern California allows for year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, which means you can find a great race to run any time of year.

I had a chance to run the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K earlier this month–and it was so fun! Whether you are a SoCal native or want to get away for a weekend race-cation next February, the below list provides a perfect summation for why you will love this race.

1. It’s on Super Bowl Sunday!

What better way to earn your beer, chips and wings than to race before the big game? I loved the race atmosphere, which included fun music playing, an enthusiastic announcer keeping the crowd informed and a happy crowd of runners soaking up cool, sunny breezes.

2. Kind and efficient volunteers are there to help.

I had to pick up my bib the morning of the race. I walked right up to the booth and received it (with a smile!) in about five minutes.

3. It’s a solid course.

This flat (with a few rolling hills) 10K is easy to navigate and fun to run. Redondo Beach is a scenic beach town in which runners begin and end this race right by the Pacific Ocean. I was able to complete my cool down near the harbor in perfect sight of the beautiful views for which SoCal is famous.

4. You’ll score some great swag.

Every runner finishes with a good-looking medal and a colorful t-shirt that I actually want to wear again. (We’ve all had those race shirts that get shoved in the back of the drawer!)

5. The race cultivates a family-friendly atmosphere.

This race also has 5K, 10K baby buggy and kids’ 1K race options. It’s a great way to get the whole family moving on an early Sunday morning. Bonus: you’re finished running before noon with plenty of time to get ready for the Super Bowl!

Many runners are at this time of year deep into training for spring races. The Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K serves as a great way to test your leg speed and have a great time in a beautiful location.

Cheers–and happy running, friends!


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