Reasons To Hit The Trails According To Trail Runners

Find out why dirt trumps road, straight from the opinions of everyday trailblazers!

Spectating at a 50- or 100-miler is wildly inspiring, much like watching a marathon or an Ironman. But it can also be challenging to relate. Which is what makes a race weekend, like the recent The North Face Endurance Challenge: California (held across the Bay from San Francisco), so appealing. Race distances ranged from 5K, 10K and half marathon, to marathon relay, marathon, 50K and 50 miles, with thousands of runners participating over the course of two days. All races began and finished at the same spot, making for a festive and celebratory atmosphere, where first-time trail racers (and runners!) were able to share a beer with some of the world’s best.

While everyone may be drawn to different distances and for different reasons, a love for running on dirt is the common bond. Read on to see if any of their answers to “Why trail running?” resonate with you. Once you are inspired to lace up and hit the dirt, tell us why in the comments section!