6 Reasons You’re Going To Eat French Fries Today


First things first—it’s National French Fry Day (and I’m still having problems understanding why that and National Chocolate Day and National Drink Wine Day aren’t every day). But really, if you need some fun, totally serious, but kind of not, reasons to grab a handful of fries tonight, consider these choices:

  1. You ran hard this morning, so you need salt. Yeah, yeah, additional salt is bad for you. I argue that it’s bad for you if you eat it with every meal and snack, every day. But I promise it’s okay if you want to splurge today and dip them in a milkshake.
  2. Fries are made of potatoes. Potatoes are vegetables. French fries are vegetables. You’re basically eating a salad.
  3. French fries are good. I’ve met few humans in my life that don’t agree with this statement. It’s impossible to eat them one at a time (if you’re able, please, tell me your secrets), and they some in all shapes and sizes: shoestring, curly, waffle. Toss in a burger and beer you have yourself the best mid-week meal ever. Just beware of the friends that order a side salad instead of fries, then shoot hangry daggers toward your basket of greasy goodness.
  4. Two words: California burrito. I met someone once who had never experienced this amazing concoction, and I didn’t understand. Few things in this world beat a hard run, maybe a little strength training, perhaps some walks around the office building, followed by a big, fat, I’m-going-to-feel-this-in-the-morning Cali ‘rrito. If you’ve never had it with French fries, you’re doing life wrong.
  5. Okay, there are actually “healthier” options for these. One of my favorite things are fries that are cooked in duck fat. Sounds gross, right? They are actually quite good. French fries are one thing I can’t quit but have to be careful with because they are hardly ever gluten-free, and, well, they aren’t the best for you. But those duck-fat fries next to an overpriced fancy burger are hard to beat.
  6. Because you freaking deserve it. With all the diets and tricks for weight loss and shortcuts to be healthy and new, trendy workouts and Instagram photos of green meals and pricey Whole Food aisles, it’s hard to breathe sometimes. Let’s take a deep breath and all say together, “It’s okay to have a cheat day. Hell, it’s okay to have more than one. HELL, it’s okay if it’s not even called a ‘cheat day’—it’s called life.”