Race Names That Will Make You Laugh (Or Groan)

Whether you think they are clever or cliched, these are some creative race names.


*Courtesy of RunHaven

There are so many road races out there. Once in a while, you’ll come across a race name that makes you look twice. For your entertainment, check out these races:

  1. The Jiggle Butt Run — Arlington, Texas
    A fun women’s 5K to “celebrate your jiggle.” I would fit right in there.
  2. Run to Climax — Climax, Mich.
    This may give new meaning to the term runner’s high. They’re trying to be innocent here, I’m sure. The event includes a 7K run and two-mile walk, the proceeds of which benefit high school seniors at Climax-Scotts High School. (Like the students aren’t snickering about it?)
  3. Get Your Ass Over the Pass Wild West Relay — Fort Collins, Colo.
    A 24-hour, 200-mile relay running through scenic mountainous areas and quaint ranching communities. It features a post-race beer garden where you can relax in a stream.
  4. Get Your Rear in Gear — various locations
    The Colon Cancer Coalition invites you to Get Your Rear in Gear with this series of events across the U.S. Their goal is to increase the rate of colon cancer screenings to 80% by 2018. Putting on fun runs seems to be a great way to promote the cause.
  5. Sacks of Love 5K – Puyallup, Wash.
    Raises awareness for testicular cancer, obviously! Sacks of Love was founded by high school students (hence the teenage humor) and has grown into a successful nonprofit. The 5K was held in past years, but it looks like they are focusing more on golf events now with a “Grab Your Balls” campaign. Gotta love the logo, right?
  6. Run Forrest Run
    There are several events with this name across the country — for instance, the Run Forrest Run 5K/10K at the University of Notre Dame and the RiverDogs Run Forrest Run 5K in Charleston, S.C. Kudos for the noble causes, of course, and I’m sure it was a clever name at one point, but that theme can be a bit of a groaner in the running community considering people are quite fond of yelling it at us as they drive by.

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What curiously named races have you come across? Share below!

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